Recent Races and the Charities involved


The charities I raced for in the summer included Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for the 5K Longest Day race on 14 June, where I came 541st out of a total of 682 participants, 280th out of 401 females, 112th out of 164 people in my age group, and 30th out of 50 females in my age group; the Canadian Diabetes Association for the 5K Run Canada Day race on 1 July, where I came 131st out of a total of 170 participants, 69th out of 94 females, and 4th out of 8 females in my age group; and it would seem there was no charity involved in the Summerfast 10K race on 20 July, in which I placed 446th out of 462 participants, and 17th out of 18 females in my age group.

I did not, after all, run the 8.5K race on Denman Island, as I was out of the country on that day, so my next race was the 10K Back to School Race, organized on 8 September 2013 by Downunder Travel, and which took place in Jericho Park. There were so few runners that there were only 8 running the 10K. I managed to place 7th out of 8 overall and my run time was 1:05:12. The charity was Right to Play.

The next race was on 14 September and was the Vancouver Eastside 10K. My run time was 1:12:45 and I placed 1100th out of a total of 1257, 552nd out of 683 females, and 39th out of 52 among females in my age category. The charities for this race were the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and Watari Counselling and Support Services.

I next participated in the 5K run to celebrate the opening of the West 4th Avenue Running Room store on 23 October. John Stanton, the owner and founder of the Running Room, was there to hand out our participation medals himself as we crossed the finish line. This was my first run and race in the dark, and it was foggy and wet. The charity we were running for was Canuck Place. The race was not officially timed, but I think it took me about 38:50.

The following Saturday, 26 October, I ran in the Great Trek 10K race at the University of British Columbia, and to my surprise and delight came first in my category (Female, Community) at a race time of 1:13:16. Overall, I came 63rd out of 64, but I was clearly the eldest participant, as 95% of the other racers were 18-22-year-old university students. No charity was named for this race.

On 2 November, I ran the 10K Night Race in the dark and the pouring rain. With a finishing time of 1:14:01, I placed 554th out of 686 participants, 355th out of 464 females and 49th out of 65 among females in my age category. The charity we ran for was Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada.

night race 20131102


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