2013 running races conclusion

I completed a total of eleven road races in 2013. To follow on from the previous two postings, there remain just three to be commented on:

On 9 November 2013, I ran the Kidney Race at Wesbrook Village, UBC in the Pacific Spirit Park. By the time I arrived at the Finishing line, they were just packing up and had already stopped the clock, but I estimated it took me about 1:15, and I was perhaps 11th out of the 11 runners of the 10K race. The charity was the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll bother with this race in the future, as they certainly did not take care of checking carefully who had come through, and who had yet to come. I had told the powers-that-be that I was not a fast runner before I started the race, hoping that that would be enough. The after party was held quite a few blocks away, on the UBC campus, though we were offered a complimentary golf-cart ride to the venue. Drinks cost money, but there were free snacks and a draw for a number of prizes. I did not win anything, but some people who did not run in the race – including infants in arms – and who happened to be at the after party, were allowed to join in the draw, and a couple of them did win prizes – though frankly they were not great prizes!

Fall classic race UBC 20131117-4 sm

One of the nicest races was the 10K Fall Classic on 17 November 2013 at UBC, where a pair of fitted leggings was included in the race package (as pictured at the Finish line above), instead of the usual t-shirt. There was a half-marathon running at the same time, so it gave me a chance to see how that went, for my future reference. The purpose of this race was to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and in my 10K race, I came 577th out of 737 runners, 379th out of 492 females, and 47th out of 68 in my age category for females. My chip time was 1:16:34. The after party was close by and we were served hot chili as well as yummy desserts and almost bottomless cups of coffee.

Historic half marathon 20131124-4 sm

The culmination of this, my first year of running road races, was the Historic Half Marathon Race at Stanley Park. The half marathon in which I was participating (though 5K and 10K races were running at the same time) consisted of two times around the Park, which I had never done before. Held on the 24th of November 2013, under cloudy skies, it was certainly my toughest run, yet I survived it competently. What held me up was the fact that I had gone on a practice run the day before and my left leg especially decided to complain about the fact by causing me pain. I ended up power-walking the last 5K of the race, and, due to the slower pace overall, finished 516th out of 541 runners, but 19th out of 26 females in my age category. My chip time was 2:54:41 but I noticed from the results that someone 20 years younger than me doing the 5K (i.e. less than a quarter of the distance!) took a total time of 3:02:19 to complete! The Charity involved in this race was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and a photo of myself at the start line is found above.

So that was my racing calendar for 2013. Not bad, considering I had never run a long distance race in my life before starting the Learn to Run program at the Running Room in April 2013. My next goal is to complete a full marathon race in 2014, and I have already signed up for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on 4 May 2014! Stay tuned!


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